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What is the principle of our powders?

The basis of our powders is white clay.
Clay is known for its purifying properties.
This clay is composed of a multitude of layers, like a lasagna.
We’ve inserted, between these layers, probiotics, that are dormant.
On contact with water, the powder turns into a soft, creamy foam and the probiotics activate and deliver their benefits on the skin microbiota.
Probiotics, which are good bacteria, used externally, are strong defenders of our skin.

Sweety Line works the opposite of disinfectant products that make no difference between bad and good bacteria.
Indeed, the activated probiotics will take up all the space available on the skin or hair, leaving no room for bad bacteria. 
Your biological protection is in place. Effective and natural against the multiple external aggressions.

Sweety line is a fearsome and natural protection every day.
Probiotics will take care of the skin and the hair and the Sweety line washing powder will carry out a natural deep cleaning of the skin, will hydrate and regenerate it with an immediate effect.
The Sweety line range is unique and has been specially developed to be a family product, for all ages.

Why a product without water ?
The answer is twofold. Why persist in wanting to transport water? The washing and moisturizing agents are gathered and concentrated in the Sweety line powders.
Just use the water where you are.

On the other hand, the use of water involves the use of preservatives, which we do not want. 
Rediscover the true nature of your hair and your skin … soft, light and without artifice.

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