Hands care, protection and hygiene are essential, even better natural.

Sweety line – CLEANNING EFFECT ptakes care of your hands. The moisturizing and regenerating power of Sweety line will perform wonders on the hands.

They are the parts of our body that are most frequently in contact with objects or other bodies, themselves covered with germs (microbes) and bad bacteria, which spread on the face or other parts of the body.

 Sweety line doesn’t contain any controversial ingredients, it is gluten-free and vegan.
The absence of sulfates makes Sweety line – hands washing powder non-irritating and allows use in nature. Special attention should be paid to hand hygiene and their protection.

It is even better if it is natural. In contact with water, the dormant probiotics in Sweety line will activate
and take up all the space available on your hands, leaving no room left for bad bacteria.

Your biological protection is activated. Probiotics will also take care of the skin, regenerate and soothe redness
and other allergies, without resorting to moisturizing creams.

The hands washing powder is suitable for all colours and skin types, even very dry, fragile or atopic.

Easy to use, Sweety line is practical, lightweight, compact and discreet. It has been developed to accompany you everywhere.

At home, at work, or on vacation for an eco-friendly holiday.

Sweety line is concentrated. A 50gr bottle is equivalent to 350ml of liquid product.

How to use it :

  Moisten hands
  Sprinkle a few grams
Rinse with clear water

Product features

Appearance : white powder.

Caution : fears humidity, do not swallow, do not inhale, in case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clear water.

Sweety line : responds to the recommandation of European directive 76/768/EEC and its amendments on cosmetic products.

Expiry date : 24 months and 6 months after opening.

Packaging : Bottles of 50 grams (equivalent to 350ml of liquid products) with flaps.

You are a reseller and you want to propose Sweety line to your customers ?

Box of 12 sprinklers of 50gr.
Orders via your representative or directly to sales@cosmedis.eu.

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